Friday, September 4, 2015

Baby Iguanodons!

Here are a couple of pictures of baby Iguanodon fossils that I have posted to Facebook for #FossilFriday.

This week: baby aff. Iguanodon tooth 

 A very small (~9mm) crown of a juvenile aff. Iguanodon from Chilton Chine, Wessex Formation, (Barremian, Lower Cretaceous, ~130 Ma), Isle of Wight, UK.

Aff. Iguanodon juvenile dentary tooth.
Scalebar in mm. Photo: Steve Sweetman.

Iguanodontid material is common in the UK Wealden, but juvenile material is always nice to find. This looks to be a dentary tooth, based on the broad diamond shape. For comparison, here's a photo of a medium-sized adult dentary tooth from Iguanodon bernissartensis:
Iguanodon bernissartensis tooth.
Photo from

A few weeks ago: The best Iguanodon fossil

A few weeks ago (on my Facebook page), I posted this photo of another juvenile Iguanodon bone. It's a tiny thumb spike! The spike is a little bit worn as it has been rolling around the beach for a while, but you can see the "nail groove" running down the side.

When I found this back in the 1990's, I was not particularly experienced in identifying bones, so for a while I thought it was a crocodile tooth, but it is clearly bone.

Juvenile aff. Iguanodon thumb spike.

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